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Cameron Muxworthy - Long Ashton - March 2016
Rob's instruction was very clear and I never once doubted myself due to the confidence Rob had in me to carry out each exercise. My .....

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Cameron Muxworthy - Long Ashton - March 2016
Rob's instruction was very clear and I never once doubted myself due to the confidence Rob had in me to carry out each exercise. My whole learning experience was brilliant, Rob gave me great confidence and tips on driving which I will still use now and I'm sure I will always do so.

Jed Tyrell - Long Ashton - December 2015
Jed' Tyrrell wrote on BOWN 2 PASS Driving Tuition - Bristol's Timeline. 8 December 2015 23:29 Thanks for your tuition rob! Very easy to work with! Highly recommend amazing instructor!!!!!!! thanks

Rachael Tarring - Bishopsworth - July 2012
Excellent instruction at the right pace and always felt relaxed. I enjoyed learning right from the beginning, always felt relaxed with Rob, hes a brilliant instructor. I passed first time - no faults! Thanks Rob.

Alice Wakely - Long Ashton - May 2012
The instruction was always clear, the progression was at the right pace and the feedback was always useful, giving me a clear instruction of how to improve. My experience of learning to drive with rob was very pleasant. He always made sure the instructions were clear and that I understood any errors I made. It was overall a very enjoyable experience.

Lloyd M - Long Ashton - 2011
I would highly recommend Bown 2 Pass to any learner driver, Robs a great instructor and was a pleasure to work with. The car is lovely to drive which was also a bonus. I work 9-5 so being able to fit lessons in after work was great, I also passed first time! Thanks again Rob.

Flora McPhail - Stoke Bishop - 2011
AMAZING! - Rob is amazing- he makes you feel so relaxed and confident when you drive, I had two teacher before him and there was just no comparison. I would recommend him to everyone! Thanks again Rob.

Julian Clist - Flax Bourton - 2010
Rob is patient, giving a high level of tuition in a friendly environment, the car was very nice to learn in and I felt very comfortable driving moving to the next step of driving thanks to the feedback received from Rob at the end of each lesson. Rob was always on time and I would highly recommend him to anyone at any level that wants to learn to drive.

Vicky Bate - Redland - 2010
Rob is very kind, relaxed and laid back. He puts in every effort to make you reach your full potential without making you feel uncomfortable. I passed first time and I couldn have done that with anyone else. He was Brilliant.

Kevin M - Hartcliffe - 2010
I was told by my friend that bown 2 pass was a good driving school and he wasn wrong. ...the car was very suited for instruction. I felt really at ease with rob and found it very easy to get on with him and chat to.

Aaron Young - Southville - 2010
Very clear instructions, friendly but professional. I felt I learned something new after every lesson! Passed 2nd time after 20 lessons. The snow delayed my driving test. Passing the test has opened new doors for me as I can drive to customers homes (to carry out PC repairs). I would definitely recommend BOWN 2 PASS to anyone.

Zoe Fear - Backwell - 2010
Rob was a patient, friendly and clear instructor and I enjoyed learning to drive with him. He was flexible on the pick up location which I found very useful. The car was nice to drive and I felt comfortable. The perfect choice for someone who needs an instructor with a lot of patience!

Ollie Wakely - Long Ashton - 2009
The instruction was "very good and at the correct level..... The car (Honda Civic) was well suited and the response was very promptto my enquiry. The instructor made me feel calm and did not put me under any pressure. I would recommend to a friend."

Rob Kirk - PASS PLUS - 2009
I was referred by a family member took lessons with Rob before. Very easy car to drive - very easy to pick up on instructors (Rob) instructions. Yes, the course has helped (with my driving ability).

Alice - PASS PLUS - 2009
I chose Rob at BOWN 2 PASS due to his location (I work in Nailsea and live in Bristol) and he did not seem too overwhelming. The personal service was a very key factor. The instruction was at the right level and he had super understanding about the pace I needed. Having not really driven for a few years since passing my test it felt a bit scary at first, but very quickly felt OK with it (car). Was really happy with everything. I can believe how quickly I got to grips with something SO incredidbly scary to me - My first car is being delivered later this week, only 2 weeks after I completed Pass Plus!

Mandy Rees, Southmead, 2009
I was recommended by a family member who had passed with BOWN 2 PASS  a few years ago.
I feel the instructor was very patient & willing to listen , very friendly and helped me to understand how the car worked, not just how to drive it He (Rob) made me feel very comfortable in his presence, which helped me to concentrate & relax whilst driving. I would highly recommend this instructor to anyone. I had tried 4 other instructors  before and this was by far the best one. Mandy Rees. Thank you for all your help.

Kate Massey, Bishopsworth, 2009
Rob made me feel at ease and made me laugh whilst driving. I had been driving with a previous driving school who couldn compare, they were rather static with no humour. I had a round 40 lessons (40 hours) with Rob and passed first time, Thanks.

Hope Parsons, Long Ashton, 2009
Bown 2 Pass Driving School offers an excellent quality of instruction and I was so well prepared for my test that I passed first time! Instruction was given at the right level and pace. Rob explained everything fully and puts you at ease. I would definately recommend Bown 2 Pass to anyone seeking to learn how to drive in a safe, professional and relaxed environment.

Ben Jones, Long Ashton, 2008
Only 20 hours of tuition - seemed lower than all my peers! Felt at ease with instructor, appreciated taking time to look over weaker areas of my driving procedures. I would recommend to a friend and my sister.

Sasha Phillips, Long Ashton, 2008
"I was recommended by a friend and he was local to me. Brilliant, I felt I worked at a pace I was happy with and understood all instructions given. I had 20 lessons and worked at the correct pace, I was really happy with my instructor as he was friendly and reliable. I would definately recommend BOWN 2 PASS to a friend = passed first time!!"

Samantha Pain, Long Ashton 2008
Local instructor, Instruction - "Very good. I was very happy with Rob and I have recommended him to lots of people".

Jak Clark, Flax Bourton, 2008
Very good, easy to understand, all said at the right time. All calm, never got annoyed, all over fun driving lessons. The response to initial enquiry was immediate. Rob was a very good instructor and didn make me feel nervous.

Chloe George, Backwell, 2008
"I knew after speaking to Rob once on the phone that I would choose Bown 2 Pass. I always felt at ease and made progress with every lesson. I had lessons for 5 months and passed second time. I feel more confident at driving than I ever thought I would and of course I would, and will be be recommending Bown 2 Pass to all friends and school pupils looking for an instructor."

Simon Clist, 2008
"It was fine to learn at my own oace, and I learnt alot. I had 35 hours and passed first time. I would be happy to recommend BOWN 2 PASS to any of my friends."

Laura Joseph, Nailsea, 2008
"It was very clear, moved forward at the right pace and things were explained diferently if I didn understand at first. I would recommend BOWN 2 PASS to a friend - the instructor was friendly & calm & made me feel at eae during lessons."

Shaunna Feeney, Whitchurch, 2008
The instruction was very clear and professional and you are not rushed into things, everything is explained clearly so that you understand. I would definately recommend.

Sacha Furniss, Brislington, 2008
"Ive had quite a few Instructors, BOWN 2 PASS was by far superior. Lessons just pushed you far enough to see results but not so much that you became uncomfortable. Its exactly the right atmosphere to learn in. I never thought that I would pass with so few minors. It just shows that with a good instructor and a little effort anyone can drive!".

Sophie Miles, Nailsea, 2008
The driving instruction was clear, I was told how to improve, was taught in a way I could get on with and understand, Rob is a friendly driving instructor who i got on with and the lessons were set at the right pace for me. Rob helped me through a fear when learning to drive. VERY GOOD!!! I scored Rob as excellent on Professional attitude, friendliness, reliability, patient attitude and value for money. Passed at 1st attempt.

Michal Milewski, City Centre, 2008
Very good impression, professional and friendly attitude that is important when learning to drive. Rob is very placable, adapts to his pupils to make them feel at ease. Instruction was clear and accurate, easy to understand. I would highly recommend Bown 2 Pass to anyone. Passed at 1st attempt.

David Gilmour, Ham Green, 2008
I was very pleased with the service I received. If I had to change a lesson at short notice I was always given a quick date for next lesson. Also due to test being cancelled by DSA Rob was good enough to give up a Saturday during Bank Holiday weekend for my test. I passed 1st time!! Instruction was clear, I was very happy at the pace. I enjoyed my lessons and was made to feel at ease.

Katie Amato. Sea Mills. 2008
Recommended by my father. I enjoyed learning to drive with Rob, it was fun. We got on well and he was patient with me. He explained things clearly & when mistakes were made he took time to explain. I would definitely recommend Rob to a friend.

Shahan Miah, Long Ashton. 2008
‘FANTASTIC! The pace was so right that I was test ready a month before I expected. Instruction delivered by theory was good, luckily there was more practical instruction. You’d feel comfortable and at ease.’

Rosie Havers, Saltford. 2008
Recommended by my brother.....instruction was good & clear & a good pace (not too fast but definitely felt like good progress was made each lesson). Good level of formality (relaxed & informal mostly, but in terms of organisation / progress tracking & important aspects of driving, there was appropriate formality & seriousness).....definitely recommend overall - I like the balance between relaxed attitude & serious approach to important issues.

Danni Rideout, Hengrove. 2008
‘The driving instruction was mostly clear….but fun, would recommend to a friend. Felt at ease throughout most lessons except maybe at first when I was just starting to get to know the car.’

Tim Brignall. Horfield. 2008
‘Clear, well explained. Different ideas until the best method was found for me. Useful to have the diagrams to help visualise manoeuvres. I was glad that I didn’t need too many lessons – 15 over  2 months. I was always made to feel at ease, my mistakes were pointed out in a constructive way. Definitely would recommend if asked….’

 Chris Bleakley, Clifton . 2008
 ‘Rob came highly recommended. The instruction was excellent – clear, precise and delivered in a calm and patient manner. As someone learning to drive “later in life”, I was particularly nervous about getting on the road. Rob immediately put me at ease, his approach was organised and professional and his teaching style calm and relaxed. As a result I passed first time. I cannot recommend Rob enough. Bown 2 Pass is indeed true to its name!’

 Becky Picksley, Oldland Common. 2008
‘ I was able to learn at my own pace. Rob was very clear and always planned very structured lessons so I could brush up on things before I started to learn something new. I was made to feel safe and relaxed about driving as I was petrified at first. Rob worked with me to grow my confidence and it helped knowing there was dual control. I would definitely recommend BOWN 2 PASS (I passed first time!).’

 John Wilde. Clifton . 2008
‘It was fun but clearly instructed. I like the fact that towards the end I was allowed to choose which aspects I was going to practice. A thorough and enjoyable course of lessons which has given me the confidence and ability to be a safe driver.’

 David Harris, Knowle. 2007
‘Instruction was very clear and precise throughout tuition, made very easy to absorb info. I progressed at an ideal speed to match driving skills that I had learnt. Overall instruction was very good. Service was excellent from first correspondence to completion, very friendly environment which would be perfect for any nervous drivers to learn. Cannot fault in anyway and will be recommending to anyone.’

Emer O’Mahony, Clifton. 2007
‘Driving instruction was very clear; made manoeuvres easy to comprehend, gave positive and constructive feedback at the end of every lesson. I would definitely recommend BOWN 2 PASS to my friends. The service provided is very impressive, I started off knowing nothing about driving to passing my test 1st time. I had roughly 40 hours driving. Rob gave me the confidence to be a safe and competent driver.’

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